Minergate has its own applications for mining coins it supports. Notably, they have a GUI and a CLI version. Apart from that, they have an admin version, but also a number of links and instructions for alternative miners

If you're a first time miner, and don't know anything about consoles, we'd recommend the GUI, so you get a feel for what can be mined, and for quick testing. Once you have passed that, you should really move on to either the CLI version or an alternative miner. If you try the CLI miner, make sure you execute minergate-cli -help, because it has real useful examples.

What you want to achieve is to see the values of Good shares and Unconfirmed numbers to increase when you look at the Dashboard (it's available as a phone app and on the web as a desktop and mobile site). This means you're providing verified work and getting your share in mined coins.

If you have more than one computer, it's possible to start MinerGate GUI, CLI or an alternative miner, and use the same login information on all of them, to increase the work you can contribute to the network, in essence mining more coins.

Mining with the GUI

If you want to watch a video, DrCareBear (a mod on Minergate) made one for you! If not, keep reading.

The GUI is arguably the easiest tool to get some coins mined. It has an intuitive interface, in that you start the application (make sure to put in your email address so your mining is associated with yourself), choose either "Smart miner" or "Miner" and press a button to start mining.

Minergate GUI less statistics
MinerGate GUI shows less statistics if you haven't signed in with an email address and password
MinerGate GUI shows more statistics when logged in
MinerGate GUI shows more statistics and text labels for buttons if you have signed in with an email address and password

The MinerGate GUI is most useful if you have logged in with an email address and password. Most notably, you get to see

  • Total number of workers currently mining a coin, that also are logged in to the MinerGate pool
  • Unconfirmed balance
  • Total amount of coins mined
  • Number of good / bad shares you have accumulated

Mining with the CLI

The console/CLI (command line) version of MinerGate can be a bit foreign to first time users, who feel more at home with point-and-click styles of tools. However, the MinerGate CLI is intuitive and easy to use by any standard. This means that it is a good start for newcomers to the console/terminal/CLI world.

The CLI works the same way, no matter if it's Windows, Linux or Mac. However, getting to the terminal and saving the MinerGate CLI program in a place where it is easily accessible can be trickier. The most important thing is to find the console. It can be done by doing any of the following

  • Windows: Press Windows-flag + R -> Type "cmd", press Enter
  • Mac: Press cmd + Space -> Type "terminal", press Enter
  • Linux (Debian and the likes): Press Ctrl + Alt + T

Once you have the command line open, you just need to navigate to where you downloaded MinerGate CLI and run minergate-cli -help. This will show you a number of things, but most importantly the examples at the bottom.

Minergate CLI screenshot
minergate-cli -help is really useful when you need to know more about it

The command line options that are most important in the beginning are

  • -user <email> - This is the same email address you used for registering with MinerGate
  • -<coin> <threads> <gpu intensity> - This controls what coin you mine and how much of your hardware resources you want to put into it. The more resources you put in, the greater the hashrates, i.e. more coins.

As a more specific example: let's say you have the email address of [email address here] and want to mine Bytecoin (BCN) on the MinerGate pool, using 2 threads and a gpu intensity of 2. The minergate-cli command will be minergate-cli -user [email address here] -bcn 2 2

As another example: let's say you have the email address of [email address here] and want to mine Monero (XMR) and Fantomcoin (FCN) at the same time, using 3 threads and a gpu intensity of 1. The minergate-cli command will be minergate-cli -user [email address here] -fcn+xmr 3 1

A more complete, step-by-step instruction, assuming you have Windows

  1. Download the Minergate CLI, download it to your Downloads-folder
  2. Right-click the file you downloaded and choose Extract all... and run it. (Take note on the folder name. In this example we assume the name is "MinerGate-cli-4.04-win64".
  3. Start the command line by pressing Windows-flag + R -> Type "cmd", press Enter. A black window with white text appears.
  4. Type cd c:\downloads\MinerGate-cli-4.04-win64, press Enter
  5. Type minergate-cli -help, press Enter. This shows the help text.
  6. Type minergate-cli -user <email> -fcn+xmr 2 2, press Enter

If no errors show up, you are now mining Monero and Fantomcoin at the same time. Congratulations!